Inspect your sharpening machine for shipping damage. Look for broken or bent parts. Notify freight carrier if damaged. Assemble plastic eye shields. Attach to the Twice as Sharp® with screws provided with your equipment. Never operate your scissor sharpener without eye shields in place.

The bottom arm set is fastened to the machine with a friction adjustment. Pull the arm set straight forward to the sharpening position. If the bottom arm ever loosens, tighten it with the hex wrench provided with your sharpener until it moves, but with resistance.

Be sure both wheels are tight and there are no chips in the left wheel. Damaged wheels can fly apart and cause injury. Adjust the finger and tongue guards to a maximum of 1/16 inch clearance between the wheel and the guards.

Plug your sharpening unit into a 3 wire grounded receptacle only. Stand aside and let it run for one minute before using it the first time. Follow this step also after replacing a grinding wheel. Use the safety glasses and face mask provided with your equipment to catch dust and grit. (Glasses provided are only for protection from flying grit and not intended for production work with danger from flying parts.)

If you have any questions about these set up or safety instructions, please call us here at Wolff.