• Wolff Industries, Inc
    This link is to Wolff’s main website and shopping cart.
  • Jim Sharp
    Jim Sharp is Jim O’Donnell’s sharpening blog. Jim is Wolff’s Master Sharpening Trainer!
  • On The Edge Newsletter
    On The Edge is the industries number one sharpening publication!
  • Hira-To
    The closest thing to free-hand sharpening of Japanese style convex edge beauty shears.
  • The Corrugator
    Quickly and easily corrugate scissors and shears
  • The Edge Pro
    The Edge Pro is the largest distributor of clipper parts and accessories in the industry!
  • Extreme Kut®
    The Extreme Kut® Clipper Blade Sharpening System comes in two sizes and can be fitted with an Andis® Factory Sharpening Plate.
  • Kenchii®
    Kenchii® is one of the leading shear brands in the beauty industry! Their Charmer® Series is second to none and the Kenchii® brand is recognized for their outstanding quality!
  • ProLine®
    ProLine® is a top-notch low-end line of beauty shears that are designed to spark impulse buys!
  • Sharp Edges
    Larry Brooks is a Wolff approved trainer in Illinois and is the inventor of many sharpening machines and sharpening accessories.
  • Jason Pintel
    Jason is a Wolff approved trainer in California.
  • Debbie Finck
    Debbie is a Wolff approved trainer in Oregon.

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