Twice as Sharp® Q & A

Q. How will this machine make a shear twice as sharp?

A. The trick is in the wheels. Most manufactures only edge their shears, but don’t hone them. The Wolff Twice as Sharp® allows you to drop the other foot. By honing your shear with either the industrial or professional honing wheel, you’ll create a smoother, longer-lasting edge that will reduce stress on the hand and increase productivity.

Q. How hard is the Twice as Sharp® to use?

A. With Wolff’s specially designed shears-lock clamp and arm assembly, sharpening a shear on the Twice as Sharp® is easy. The clamp holds the shear at the proper angle and the arm keeps the shear aligned with each wheel throughout the sharpening process.

Q. How long do the wheels last?

A. The 100 grit sharpening wheel will sharpen roughly 300 to 500 shears or more. The industrial and professional wheel will sharpen 2000 to 3000 shears. These are rough estimates. The amount of pressure used when sharpening plays a big roll in this.

Q. How many times can a shear be sharpened on the Twice as Sharp®?

A. Most shears can be sharpened about one third of the way into each blade.

Q. How will I know when it’s time to change a wheel?

A. It is time to replace either wheel when you can on longer sharpen without bumping your blade into the motor housing.

Q. Can I get replacement parts for the Twice as Sharp®?

A. Wolff has a full assortment of replacement part for your Twice as Sharp. The most commonly replaced parts are the arm assembly, lower jaw of the clamp, the large knob, and the wheels.

Q. What if I need to have my Twice as Sharp® serviced?

A. Wolff will gladly service your Twice as Sharp®. Your cost is just $50.50 plus parts, we will call you to let you know what needs to be replaced before we do any work, and your machine will be serviced and returned to you promptly.

Q. How long do these machines last in the field?

A. Many of our original Twice as Sharp® sharpeners are still in good working order. These machines have been running since 1983, so they have stood the test of time.

Q. Can you sharpen knives on the Twice as Sharp®?

A. No. The Twice as Sharp® is a scissors sharpener. To properly sharpen most knives, you need to sharpen both angles on either side of the knife at the same time. This is best done on a knife sharpener like the *TruHone* or the *Freidr Dick*.

Q. Are there any shears the Twice as Sharp® cannot sharpen?

A. The Twice as Sharp® can sharpen any shear that will open at least 90 degrees. If you have a shear that will not open enough to be sharpened, or if you have any other sharpening questions, please call Wolff’s support staff at 1-800-888-3832 for assistance.